To end the rental of a VAIMOO vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Find the nearest VAIMOO station on the map and reach it
    Note: it is possible to end the rental only in a VAIMOO station area identified by dedicated roadmarks and poles. Each area can only accommodate one vehicle, so you will not be able to end your rental at a station that has all the bays full, but will have to go to the next free station.
  • In the App, tap on “End Ride”;
  • If you’re renting an e-bike, the vehicle’s led lights will turn yellow and start blink. This means that you can now close the lock; Alternatively, if you’re renting a regular bike, you can close the lock right after having tapped on “End Ride”;
  • Do not lock your phone and follow the instructions in App to correctly end the rental;
  • Lower the lever lock and wait for the acoustic signal confirming that the lock has been closed correctly;
  • The billing interrupts as soon as you complete all these steps and you will receive a confirmation e-mail for the ending of the rental with an invoice attached.


In some sporadic cases, despite following the correct procedure, it may be impossible to close a rental, due to problems with low GPS signal reception, data connection or malfunctions.  

Don't worry:

  • write an email immediately to specifying the NUMBER OF THE BIKE in question;
  • you will be exonerated from responsibility for the vehicle and we will refund your ride upon verification of the incident.


“I can’t end the rental”

  • Be sure of having closed the lock correctly;
  • Be sure of having heard the acoustic signal confirming the closing of the lock;
  • Be sure of seeing the page in App with the details of your rental.

If you are experiencing other issues with the rental contact VAIMOO customer service via App:

  • Tap on “Report Issue” from the left menu;
  • Tap on “Service”;
  • Select the correspondent issue from the list;
  • Fill the required information;
  • Send the report;
  • Your report will be taken in charge by a VAIMOO operator which will answer as soon as possible.

"How to terminate a rental?"

To end your rental of a VAIMOO vehicle, follow the steps below:

  • Find the nearest VAIMOO station to your destination on the map and drive to it;

Please note: You can only end your rental within the area of a VAIMOO station identified by appropriate road and street signs.

  • Within the App, tap on the "End ride" icon;
  • In the case of an electric bike, all the LEDs on the vehicle will flash yellow to indicate that you can close the lock; in the case of a conventional bike, you can close the lock after sending the command;
  • Do not lock the phone and follow the lock instructions shown in the App to successfully complete the rental.
  • Lower the lever on the lock as far as it will go and you will hear an acoustic signal confirming that the lock has been correctly closed;
  • Invoicing stops as soon as you have completed all these steps and you will receive an end-of-hire confirmation e-mail with an attached invoice.