There are some areas that have limitations on traffic, speed, or completion of your rental.

These areas appear as different colored shaded areas depending on the different limitation they invite you to comply with.

  • No Parking Area: in this area, which is gray in color, you are not allowed to park your vehicle. To avoid this possibility, once you enter this area, you will see a disabled "End Ride" button inside the application;
  • Restricted area: within this area you are not allowed to enter. Vaimoo indicates this area with red shaded color to help you comply with local regulations;
  • Reduced speed area: in this area, which is yellow in color, speed is subject to limits. To view the maximum allowed speed tap on the area or look at the icon in the map located in the upper right corner;
  • Service area: you can drive in this area. Within this area it is not possible to end a ride. The user who uses the VAIMOO vehicle outside this area may be charged a penalty.